The kind of temperament that separates from the East and the West: curly brown hair, blurred eyes and a smile like no one make her look charming. As a typical French beautiful girl, the appearance allows her to walk in various fashions. She has always attracted people’s attention with great charisma. Classical grace is the basic requirement for the goddess in France. Even if she does not wear ancient costumes and plays a large number of modern dramas, she can let the audience savor the retro taste.

Growing up in the performing arts family, she began to participate in movie performances when she was 5 years old. And winning the Oscars at the age of 33. She was also the singer and bassist of the French rock band…a talented charming queen.

Such a cute actress was chosen by Dior as a long-term spokesperson that is very smart. The glamorous photos taken by promotional albums of Dior and the singles she collaborated with Dior all showing the unique charm from Marion Cotillard and raving reviews. She is like a bottle of perfume and has the most crazy top note.

Her Dior handbag is undoubtedly the benchmark of the fashion industry.

Mr. Dior took inspiration from the Napoleon III armchair. The regular and geometric rattan pattern has become the most iconic pattern of the Dior brand. Lady Dior has also made countless women enamored and has become a classic Dior brand.

My Lady Dior’s signature pattern – “cannage” stitching consisting of vertical and inclined seams. Precise and harmonious sewing techniques make the quilted leather liner with a continuous texture like a diamond. The arched handle is a symbol of graceful charm giving My Lady Dior handbags a “custom fashion” feature.

Dior’s four gold-plated letters are hung on one of the handles and swayed as the bag swings. It has become one of the most iconic accessories of the brand and reflects the unparalleled style of the brand.

The new My Lady Dior mini inherits the classics of the Lady Dior family. The lucky accessories that can be freely chosen make the handbag’s shape softer. These ornaments are fortunate patterns that Mr. Dior has always believed: such as bees, roses, lily of the valley, Dior’s initials, and so on. Each unique accessory represents the unique personality of a woman with a My Lady Dior mini handbag.